Boat Houses — Mississippi River, Red Wing MN 7:00 PM June 5, 2017. 16X80 Digital Pigment Print. David Husom.

Stockholm WI Riverfront

Backwater Pond — Mississippi River, Trenton WI 8:30 PM June 6, 2017 16X80 Digital Pigment Print. David Husom.

The Upper Mississippi River Project is a photographic documentation of the Minnesota - Wisconsin Mississippi River Valley by fine art photographer David Husom. Husom's large scale 360 degree aerial panorama photographs capture the Mississippi River and the towns that line the river as it winds its way down through the bluffs of the Driftless Area from Hastings Minnesota and Prescott Wisconsin to Genoa Wisconsin and the Minnesota - Iowa border.

Tabor Church - Brown Seed Company— Mississippi River, Bay City WI 3:30PM June 20th 2017 16X80 Digital Pigment Print. David Husom.

David Husom's large scale documentary color photographs have been exhibited in museums and galleries throughout America and in Japan including the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles and the Minneapolis Institute of Arts and Walker Art Center in Minneapolis. He has flown drone cameras for over three years and is a licensed drone pilot with a remote pilot certification from the FAA. He is also a member of the Professional Society of Drone Journalists.

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